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Get Best Travel Toothbrush from Soladey Canada Digital

The Soladey line of ionic toothbrushes is designed and manufactured in Japan and distributed globally by Soladey International inc. They are also globally patented. The earlier brands of this ionic technology worked on a simple premise that when a titanium dioxide rod comes in contact with water and light, it creates an oxygen-rich, negative ion environment that proved effective at attacking all the yucky things in your oral cavity, including bacteria.

Your oral orifice, as we sometimes like to call it, can be a yucky place. So we would like to propose a happy new ionic toothbrush concept to you – for the benefit of your total oral care. Not just your pearly whites. Actually if they are pearly white, you have probably scrubbed off some of your enamel. Not a good thing in the long run.

Soladey Toothbrush cleans bacteria and dental plague in your mouth and serve a Gum Disease Treatment solution.